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CEO Message Flexibly Incorporate Cutting-Edge Science and Technology, Turning It into Value for Patients Yoshihiko Hatanaka Representative Director, President and CEO

Imperatives for Further Growth

Our Vision and Strategy Remain Unchanged, but More Flexible Collaboration with External Partners Is Now Crucial

There has been no change in our vision, or our strategy for realizing the vision, which is our goal. However, in the course of executing our strategy, I believe that it has become more crucial than ever to build up a flexible network and incorporate external capabilities.

One key to solving the issues I discussed earlier is technological advancement. In drug discovery fields, the flexible use of new technologies, such as regenerative medicine, cell therapy, gene therapy, and platforms for new vaccines, will enable us to take unprecedented approaches to delivering innovative medicines. Advances in information technology are also becoming a critical factor behind drug discovery. The use of real-world data* is expected to help improve overall R&D productivity and the probability of success as a matter of course. Real-world data is also expected to be used to clarify the basis for setting drug prices. Apart from this, technologies that could dramatically increase value provided to patients and society as a whole are continuously evolving day by day, driven by progress on artificial intelligence, diagnostic technologies and other fronts.

Based on this reasoning, we cannot completely create the final value we deliver using our own internal resources alone. That is why we must enhance our sensitivity to the world outside the Company and flexibly incorporate new technologies, human resources, approaches, and methods. In doing so, we must enhance Astellasf Group-wide capabilities and continuously create innovation that maximizes the final value we deliver. This approach will be absolutely essential to driving our strategies even further.

* Anonymized data obtained from clinical sites.

Highly Eager to Obtain New Technology and Evolving into a Company Which Is Flexibly Incorporating External Capabilities

Our vision is to turn innovative science into value for patients. That vision cannot be realized simply by preparing products and organizations already in place. The success of the vision will depend on whether every employee working at Astellas will take ownership of their duties based on an understanding of the Astellas Way and our aspirations for the organization. Guided by this firm belief, we have compiled our HR Vision, which lays out expectations for human resources and organizations that all members of Astellas should share on a global basis, and we have been concentrating on instilling this vision in employees.

We have been working to foster an organizational culture and nurture human resources by consistently conveying the importance of respecting diversity, anticipating change and embracing challenges, focusing our thinking outwards and flexibly incorporating new initiatives. These efforts are already producing concrete results. For example, in the research field, Astellas has realized more than 20 new collaborations in the space of around three years. In new therapeutic areas (muscle diseases and ophthalmology), we have rapidly launched new projects in tandem by adding several new collaborations in these areas. Moreover, in the real-world informatics function*, in just 1.5 years since this initiative was started, we have already completed numerous analyses and are sharing the results across various departments and regions. I am confident that Astellas is highly eager to obtain new technology and has been evolving into a company that is flexibly incorporating external capabilities and transforming them into its own strengths.

* A department launched in July 2015 that integrates the utilization of big data and its capabilities into a single specialized function.

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