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CEO Message Flexibly Incorporate Cutting-Edge Science and Technology, Turning It into Value for Patients Yoshihiko Hatanaka Representative Director, President and CEO

Measures to Address Access to Health Issues

Promoting This Initiative Proactively in Cooperation with External Partners

To address Access to Health issues, which is a global priority, we continue to make contributions by harnessing our technologies, expertise and resources in each of the following four areas: (1) Creating innovation, which is our core business, (2) Enhancing availability, (3) Strengthening healthcare systems, and (4) Improving health literacy. In January 2017, we participated in Access Accelerated, a global initiative to enhance access to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of non-communicable diseases in low income countries and lower middle income countries. Going forward, we will expand these activities in cooperation with governments, other pharmaceutical companies, and third-party bodies.

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