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FY2015 Business Summary

Item 1 Net Sales ¥1,372.7 billion Up 10.1% YoY Item 2 Sales by Geographical Area Japan ¥497.2 billion 36.2% Americas ¥455.1 billion 33.2% EMEA ¥329.3 billion 24.0% Asia & Oceania ¥91.1 billion 6.6% Item 3 Sales Composition of the Three Main Therapeutic Areas and Main Products Oncology 23.3% XTANDI Urology 15.8% Vesicare Betanis/Myrbetriq/BETMIGA Transplantation 14.8% Prograf
Item 4 Core Operating Profit ¥267.5 billion Up 23.5% YoY
Item 5 Core Operating Margin 19.5% Up 2.1 points YoY
Item 6 Core Profit for the Year ¥198.8 billion Up 29.7% YoY

Definition of Financial Results on a Core Basis OpenClose

We disclose our financial results under IFRS on a core basis to help provide an accurate indication of the Group’s recurring profitability. Certain items reported in financial results under IFRS on a full basis that are deemed to be non-recurring items by the Company are excluded as non-core items on a core basis.

(Diagram) Definition of Financial Results on a Core Basis
Item 7 R&D Expenses/Ratio of R&D Expenses to Sales ¥225.7 billion Against sales 16.4% Up 9.2% YoY Item 8 R&D Personnel Approx. 3,020 Item 9 Number of New Molecular/Biological Entries in the Pipeline (as of July 2016) 36 Item 10 Total Number of Employees 17,217 Item 11 Number of Ongoing Collaborative Research Projects More than 100
Item 12 Free Cash Flow ¥166.7 billion Up 43.4% YoY
Item 13 ROE 15.0% Up 4.5 points YoY
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