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Maximizing the Product Value

Targeting Medium- to Long-Term Growth by Expanding New Product Group Sales

To ensure sustainable growth during and after the current strategic plan, Astellas will maximize the value of the products that have been realized through its investments to date.
In particular, Astellas will prioritize the investment of resources in its new product group centered on XTANDI and the OAB franchise. In this way, we forecast that the compositional ratio of key new products will expand during the strategic plan, whereas the relative composition ratio will decrease for key products for which patents will expire by 2020. Nurturing the new product group early is an important measure to overcome the impacts from patent expiry.

Composition of Global Sales by Product (For illustrative purposes only)

Nurturing the New Product Group in Various Therapeutic Areas

Astellas is working to expand sales of the new product group in its therapeutic areas including the oncology and OAB franchises.

Oncology Franchise

Our efforts are focused on maximizing the value of XTANDI, our growth driver. We will work to expand the geographical sales area of XTANDI, while also working for label expansion to chemotherapy-naïve prostate cancer and early penetration in each country. Moreover, we will steadily advance clinical trials with the aim of expanding indications for earlier stages of prostate cancer, and other forms of cancer such as breast cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma. During the strategic plan, we expect sales of our oncology franchise to expand with a CAGR in the mid-twenties, driven by XTANDI.

OAB Franchise

To overcome the anticipated impact from the patent expiry of Vesicare and continue to increase the value of our franchise, we will work intensively to drive market penetration of Betanis/Myrbetriq/BETMIGA as a new option for OAB treatment. We expect to achieve CAGR for sales in the high single digits for the OAB franchise during the strategic plan. In the final year of the plan, sales of Betanis/Myrbetriq/BETMIGA are expected to have increased to account for approximately half of the overall sales of the OAB franchise.

Changes in the Compositional Ratio of Products in Sales (For illustrative purposes only)

Other Areas

The transplantation franchise has established a strong presence with the immunosuppressant Prograf. We expect growth in Prograf in emerging countries, despite decline in the Americas, EMEA, and Japan, where the substance patent has expired. The average annual decline in sales during the strategic plan is expected to be limited to the low single digits.
In resource allocation, we will prioritize new products in each region, aiming to achieve sales expansion at an early stage. In Japan, we will work to steadily achieve market penetration of new products including Suglat for type 2 diabetes, and Repatha for hypercholesterolemia, which was launched in April 2016.

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