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Pursuing Operational Excellence

Raising the Quality of Operations in Anticipation of Change

Astellas strives to improve the quality and efficiency of operations by keeping a close eye on changes in the business environment from a number of perspectives, and implementing measures in anticipation of these changes.
Astellas will optimize the allocation of management resources in conjunction with making effective use of external resources. We are constantly reviewing our organization and functions to optimize our business processes, cost structures and other aspects. From the perspective of compliance, we will actively address laws, regulations and social norms while working to further increase the reliability of our products.
Looking at recent initiatives, Astellas transferred its global dermatology business to LEO Pharma A/S, and transferred the business of the Kiyosu Plant in Japan to MicroBiopharm Japan Co., Ltd. Astellas will reinvest the funds generated by the transfer of these businesses into functions that will hone its competitive edge, thereby further enhancing its capabilities to create innovative medicines. Moreover, in order to strengthen compliance on a global basis, Astellas set up a global compliance function in April 2016, putting a structure in place to manage compliance functions in Japan, the Americas, EMEA and Asia & Oceania. Additionally, in July 2015, Astellas created a function designed to maximize big data utilization in the Company.

Our Approaches to Operational Excellence
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