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Creating Innovation

Enhancing Capabilities to Deliver Innovative Medicines through Optimal Resource Allocation and Acquisition of Cutting-Edge Science

Astellas aims to continuously generate innovation through optimal resource allocation and the acquisition of cutting-edge science. Astellas is promoting open innovation by building a Network Research System. This system appoints optimal personnel and researchers from both inside and outside the Company to undertake dynamic research activities in the best possible environment, and based on the world’s most innovative science. By introducing a process named FASTEN to manage R&D projects along one of three different tracks, Astellas has achieved positive outcomes such as shortening of R&D duration and increased cost efficiency.
In addition to the fields we have focused on to date, namely urology, oncology, immunology, nephrology, and neuroscience, we have selected muscle diseases and ophthalmology as new focused disease areas for research where we will concentrate our resources. There is a high level of unmet medical needs in these therapeutic areas, and we aim to deliver new medicines while seeking alliance opportunities with external partners.

Enhancing Capabilities to Deliver Innovative Medicines

Pursuing New Opportunities

Astellas will make sufficient investments in opportunities that pave the way for long-term growth, including new therapeutic areas and the use of new technologies and modalities, and medical solutions that leverage our strengths, centered on the innovative drug business.

New Therapeutic Areas

Selecting muscle diseases and ophthalmology as focused disease areas for research, Astellas is undertaking groundbreaking research through partnerships with external entities. In the muscle disease area, we are targeting ways to control the progression of disease or achieve causal therapies. In the ophthalmology area, we are targeting disorders of the posterior eye segment for which no standard drug treatments are available.

New Technologies and New Modalities

In addition to working to develop next-generation vaccines, we have commenced cell therapy research in earnest. As part of these efforts, in February 2016, Astellas acquired Ocata Therapeutics, Inc., which is primarily engaged in research and development focused on cell therapy in the ophthalmology field. In May 2016, this company’s name was changed to the Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Astellas has positioned the new company as its hub for research and development in cell therapy and the ophthalmology field, underscoring its commitment to investing resources in this area.

Advancing into New Opportunities
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