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Business Environment

Market expansion driven by aging populations and economic development

Left: Global Pharmaceutical Market Size Forecast Right: New Drug Approvals in Japan, the U.S., and Europe

Trends in the Prescription Drug Market

There remain many diseases with high unmet medical needs for which patients are looking for new drugs to deliver value. In step with continuing scientific and technological advances, governments are putting frameworks in place for recognizing innovation and have created regulatory systems that can accelerate review of innovative drugs. Moreover, the global market for prescription drugs is expected to continue expanding against the backdrop of aging populations and economic development.

Growth Challenges and Opportunities

While the market expands, there are also issues that must be overcome to achieve sustained growth. Measures to restrain the rapid growth in healthcare spending are accelerating in the form of reimbursement price cuts and the promotion of generic drugs. With insurance payers becoming increasingly more involved in the decision-making process, the requirements for a new drug to gain regulatory approval and secure price reimbursement at a reasonable level are also becoming more complex and more strict. Thus, it is more essential than ever to prove a new drug’s added value over existing drugs and therapies during development.
In this environment, there are higher expectations for the development of innovative medicines and better general therapeutic solutions that can raise the quality of medical care from the patient’s standpoint. In recent years, the development and application of new treatment modalities and drug discovery technologies, including cell and gene therapies, have been advancing, and these advances are expected to be applied to healthcare in a variety of fields.
This evolving healthcare environment also present opportunities for Astellas to grow. Astellas will continue to deliver new value to patients by creating innovation through the execution of sound investments from a long-term perspective.

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