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CSR-Based Management

Create and protect value for both Astellas and society by fulfilling social responsibility

(Diagram) Astellas’ Interaction with Society

Fulfilling Our Social Responsibility Means Realizing Our Business Philosophy

Astellas recognizes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is its responsibility for any impacts that its decisions and business activities have on society and the environment.
Astellas is helping to enhance the sustainability of society by fulfilling its social responsibilities as a pharmaceutical company by, for example, providing pharmaceutical products that satisfy unmet medical needs. We believe that we earn trust from society for both the Company and our products as a result of these activities, and that this trust enhances our sustainability. This positive cycle will lead to the realization of our mission, “sustainable enhancement of enterprise value” through fulfillment of our raison d’être “contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products.” For Astellas, fulfilling our social responsibility means realizing our business philosophy.

Value Creation and Protection for Both Astellas and Society

CSR for Astellas has two aspects: value creation and value protection.

Value Creation

Through its business activities, Astellas is creating value for society by addressing social issues such as unmet medical needs, and by returning profits to stakeholders. By reinvesting the profit we gain through business activities, we strengthen our capabilities in research and development. In addition, by winning trust from government and business partners in each country, we create new business opportunities. This process creates value for Astellas.

Value Protection

Astellas seeks to preserve biodiversity by reducing the environmental burden associated with its business activities, while maintaining social order by ensuring compliance, and preventing corruption. These activities will lead to the protection of value for society. In addition, Astellas protects its enterprise value by mitigating reputation risk and elevating Astellas’ corporate brand through these activities.


Astellas’ Initiatives to Contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

17 Sustainable Development Goals

Through business activities and measures to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, Astellas aims to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were established through a collaborative effort by the international community.

Focus on Improving Access to Health in Four Areas

In regard to “Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being” under the SDGs, Astellas has identified four areas where it is working to address Access to Health issues. The four areas are (1) Creating innovation, (2) Enhancing availability, (3) Strengthening healthcare systems, and (4) Improving health literacy.
One of our priorities for creating innovation is drug discovery research for the treatment of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). In April 2016, Astellas signed a new collaborative research agreement with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) to discover new drugs for the treatment of Chagas disease. This agreement is based on knowledge obtained through collaborative research undertaken with AIST and other partners. Moreover, in June 2016, Astellas signed a new collaborative development agreement with the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, on the rice-based oral vaccine “MucoRice-CTB” against cholera and enterotoxigenic Escheria coli (E coli) caused diarrheal diseases. Furthermore, Astellas is working closely with partners to develop a pediatric formulation of praziquantel tablets for the treatment of schistosomiasis.
For further details, please see Performance 2 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) — Societypdf(146KB)

Advancing Various Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact

Astellas is advancing initiatives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting resource recycling and improving the Biodiversity Index. Through these and other initiatives, Astellas will contribute to achieving SDGs such as “Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation,” “Goal 13: Climate Action,” and “Goal 15: Life on Land.”
For further details, please see Performance 2 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) — Environmentpdf(180KB)

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