Bringing About Worthwhile Changes in Society Based on Our Raison D’ȇtre

Astellas has a shared responsibility and stake in sustainability. We must ensure that the decisions we made today contribute towards a sustainable future for our planet, our society and our business.

Keeping up with advances in science, life sciences companies have created brilliant medical solutions, extending life expectancy in advanced and emerging countries and significantly contributing to improving healthcare in developing countries. However, there are still many areas of unmet medical needs, including diseases with limited treatment options such as cancer and rare diseases. A sustainable scientific approach to overcome such challenges is needed.

Astellas aims to tackle diseases with high unmet medical needs by creating medical solutions that combine innovative therapeutic approaches such as cell and gene therapy with our own core capabilities and cutting-edge technology in different fields. Through such initiatives, we are committed to engaging in the sustainability of society by fulfilling our social responsibilities as a pharmaceutical company. This will build trust from society, which will, in turn, also make Astellas more sustainable.

This positive cycle will lead to the realization of our mission, “sustainable enhancement of enterprise value” through fulfilment of our raison d’être: “Contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products.” In short, for Astellas, contributing to the sustainability of society means the realization of its philosophy.

To clearly give priority to our sustainability activities in terms of materiality, we are addressing the broad issues that are key to our stakeholders and where we can make an impact.

While continuing to conduct close communication with our stakeholders and never forgetting our raison d’ȇtre, we will continue to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients.

Astellas' Interaction with Society

Contributing to the Sustainability of Society and Astellas

We adopted “Deepen our engagement in sustainability” as one of strategic goals outlined in the Corporate Strategic Plan 2021 (“CSP2021”). We aim to contribute even further to improving the sustainability of society and Astellas by strengthening activities focusing on Access to Health and the Environment (Climate Change), which are considered to provide value to society (value creation).

Under CSP2021, we also set new Organizational Health Goals. Astellas will transform its ability to execute by fostering a culture where innovation, talent and collaboration come together to reach ambitious goals.


Recognizing the Importance of Our Commitment to Sustainability and Gaining Trust through Our Positive Impact on Society 

Strategic Goal4


Helping Realize a Sustainable Society through Responsible Business Activities

Astellas is engaged in business activities worldwide. To maintain governance on a global level, we respect our Charter of Corporate Conduct and the Astellas Group Code of Conduct as a set of core ethics and compliance standards for all of our activities globally.

Astellas is committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities as a pharmaceutical company. We respect human rights in every stage of our business, from research and development to the provision of product information. We also endeavor to ensure compliance with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act and other applicable laws and regulations.

Astellas implements environmental, health and safety initiatives, aiming to create a pleasant working environment for its employees and minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities. We set short-and medium-term targets for climate change, natural resource conservation, biodiversity and waste disposal, and publish these targets in our annual Environmental Action Plan.

Our contribution towards the health of people around the world is not only to supply products through the market. As a responsible corporate citizen, Astellas also strives to understand the expectations of society through continuous dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders and to bring about positive changes in society through active involvement in non-profit activities at a local and a global level.