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Communications with Our Stakeholders

Astellas believes that communication with stakeholders is crucial when considering how it will promote its CSR activities aimed at achieving a sustainable society.

Stakeholder Dialogue Session FY2013

image of Stakeholder Dialogue Session FY2013

Astellas held the following stakeholder dialogue with the aim of ascertaining expert opinions on selection of CSR core issues and medium-to long-term CSR activities that should be implemented.

Theme: CSR Activities Expected of Astellas


image of A Toshihiko Goto image of A Naoki Aikawa

image of A Kaori Kuroda	image of A Ayako Sonoda

  • Toshihiko Goto (Chairman, Environmental Auditing Research Group; Chief Executive Officer, Sustainability Forum Japan) (Top left)
  • Kaori Kuroda (Executive Director, CSO Network Japan) (Top right)
  • Naoki Aikawa, M.D., Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus, Keio University; Special Advisor, Social Welfare Organization Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital) (Bottom left)
  • Moderator: Ayako Sonoda (President, Cre-en Inc.) (Bottom right)

Main Comments from External Stakeholders:

Considering Astellas' operations are worldwide and overseas sales ratio and non-Japanese shareholder ratio are high, CSR must be promoted from a global perspective.

For its CSR activities as a whole, Astellas is required to formulate and announce the Company' s approaches to various demands from society and to "soft law," * which embodies those demands in a more tangible form.

With the need to extend CSR across the entire value chain, from upstream to downstream, Astellas' scope of responsibility has expanded to include suppliers and business partners.

Engagement and collaboration with stakeholders have recently become increasingly crucial to monitoring social demands and issues and addressing them effectively.

Initiatives that utilize the strengths of pharmaceutical companies, especially those in specific to Astellas, should be bolstered. This is particularly important in addressing unmet medical needs. Astellas should understand the trends surrounding the International Development Goals beyond 2015 (Post-2015 Development Goals), which will be announced going forward.

It is crucial to strategically implement social contribution activities based on clearly defined goals.

* "Soft law" refers to non-legally binding international guidelines and principles, as well as standards and other rules (e.g., ISO 26000, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises)

For details, please see the Stakeholder Dialogue (Full Version).

Hosting the Stakeholder Dialogue

Kenji Yasukawa, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President and Chair of the CSR Committee, Astellas Pharma Inc.

image of A Kenji Yasukawa In light of the changing environment we face, Astellas Group is currently evaluating various social demands from the standpoints of "the significance of the social issue" and "the relevance to Astellas' businesses," with the view to identifying materiality to CSR-based management. We are also considering disclosing the relevant details. With regard to analyzing the significance of social issues, in particular, we intend to carry out our evaluation by obtaining relevant stakeholders' expectations, in addition to gathering opinions within the Company.

Looking ahead, we will continue to do our utmost to put the advice we have obtained from external stakeholders to good use in CSR-based management at Astellas.

Astellas Group's Stakeholders

Major opportunities for communication
Healthcare professionals
  • Provide pharmaceutical information services through sales representatives and other channels
  • Respond to inquiries through the Medical Information Center
  • Provide clinical trial information to patients and healthcare professionals
  • Coordinate events and provide training to patient support groups
  • Hold town-hall style meetings with senior management, organize meetings for appraisal/career development and continue open dialogue with labor union
  • Provide information through internal publications and intranet
  • Provide advice through helplines/hotlines
Shareholders and Investors
  • Hold general shareholders' meeting and mid-term plan/R&D information sharing meetings
  • Respond to surveys and inquiries from rating agencies
Business partners
  • Invite open dialogue throughout transaction process
  • Conduct surveys with new suppliers based on CSR Procurement Guiding Principles
  • Insure timely engagement with regulatory authorities
  • Participate in economic organizations, industry organizations and external initiatives
  • Collaborate through initiatives to improve "Access to Health" in developing countries
  • Collaborate through joint R&D activities
  • Hold and participate in professional and academic conferences
  • Promote employee volunteer activities (Changing Tomorrow Day)
  • Hold public town hall meetings
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