News Release

Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


28 January,1999

On 28 January 1999 the Yamanouchi European Foundation (YEF) awarded a Research Grant to the 1st Clinic of Neurology, Brno, Czech Republic. The grant which amounts to US$ 150,000, covering the years 1999 and 2000, was handed over by Mr. S. Takahashi, President of the YEF and President and CEO of Yamanouchi Europe B.V., to Prof. I. Rektor and his staff.

The study conducted by Prof. I. Rektor is entitled:Localization of epileptical process in a brain and its therapeutical affecting.

The aim of this study is the precise localisation of the ictal paroxysmal acitivity using methods of mathematical analysis in pharmacoresistant epileptic patients within the framework of the neuro-surgical program - using the comparison of the extra-cranial activity. Various correlations including the ones between individual brain regions and also behavioural manifestations using polygraphic recording, are used in analysing the seat of the disturbance. By applying a second multiplex recording system, linking video recording of the patient to the output electrode arrays, the neurology team will increase capacity to analyse data off line. Results obtained will be used as the basis for the pharmacological studies in patients suffering from refractory epilepsy.

The Yamanouchi European Foundation was established in 1993. It aims to promote scientific research and cultural activities as well as support charitable causes in order to contribute to society. In particular the promotion and development of medical and related sciences are a focal point of the Foundation's objectives. In this sense it intends to stimulate research programs integrating basic science and clinical research through interdisciplinary projects conducted by universities and other institutes and organisations; support is also given to fund groups which are trying to promote advances in science and technology.

Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is active in the fields of pharmaceuticals and consumer health care products throughout the world. It is one of the leading Japanese pharmaceutical companies and has developed a large number of new molecules in the last sixty years. World-wide, 1,500 people of the 8,500 Yamanouchi staff work in research & development and the company invested US$ 331 Million of its US$ 3,616 Million total turnover in research & development in the fiscal year ended March 31, 1998.

In Europe, Yamanouchi employs about 1,500 people active in research and development as well as manufacturing, marketing and sales activities. Yamanouchi Europe works in different therapeutic areas, developing its activities mainly in the fields of urology, cardiovascular indications, bone disease, dermatology, gastro-enterology, geriatrics and antibiotic therapy.

Yamanouchi's commitment to the improvement of the quality of life is embodied in its world-wide mission:"Creating and Caring... for Life".