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December 20,2004 Reorganization of Astellas Group Companies in Japan(PDF 23KB)
December 15,2004 Agreement on Peritoneal Dialysis Home Care Business(PDF 28KB)
November 09,2004 Mid-term Management Plan for Astellas Pharma inc. (PDF 23KB)
November 09,2004 Presentation Material(PDF 662KB)
November 09,2004 On-demand Replay
October 22,2004 Fujisawa Revises Financial Forecasts for Interim FY 03/2005(PDF 22KB)
September 29,2004 Yamanouchi and Fujisawa to Start Operation of OTC Drug Joint Venture Zepharma Management Team, Organizational Structure, Business Sites Announced(PDF 59KB)
September 15,2004 Business Philosophy, Brand Mark, and Corporate Message of Astellas(PDF 32KB)
September 03,2004 Fujisawa Updates the European Development Status of Micafungin(PDF 19KB)
August 27,2004 Sankyo and Fujisawa Agree to Discontinue Business Arrangements on Sankyo’s Antifungal CS-758(PDF 11KB)
August 03,2004 Fujisawa Completes Construction of New Formulation Facilities for Micafungin(PDF 21KB)
July 02,2004 Fujisawa and Centocor Mutually Agree to Discontinue Co-development of Abciximab in Japan(PDF 125KB)
June 30,2004 R-Tech Ueno Will Start Marketing Rescula Eye Drops in Japan(PDF 100KB)
June 25,2004 Fujisawa Launches Antipsychotic Agent Seroquel 50% Fine Granules(PDF 22KB)
June 16,2004 The Fujisawa Foundation Allocates Research Grants(PDF 19KB)
May 24,2004 Yamanouchi and Fujisawa Finalize Merger Agreement The New Company to be Named “Astellas Pharma Inc.”(PDF 28KB)
May 17,2004 Fujisawa and Yamanouchi Will Establish “Zepharma Inc.”, an OTC Pharmaceutical Company(PDF 46KB)
April 27,2004 Revision for the Year-end Dividends(PDF 21KB)
April 21,2004 Fujisawa Revises Financial Forecasts for FY 03/2004(PDF 23KB)
April 15,2004 Gloucester Pharmaceuticals Acquires Worldwide Development and Commercialization Rights to Novel Anti-Cancer Compound from Fujisawa(PDF 16KB)
March 19,2004 Fujisawa to Launch “PyroAce W Powder Splay”, an OTC Drug(PDF 21KB)
March 11,2004 Fujisawa Will Reorganize Its Operations in Chinese Speaking Countries(PDF 21KB)
March 02,2004 Fujisawa to Return the Substitute Portion of its Employees Pension Plan(PDF 19KB)
February 25,2004 Products Under Clinical Development(PDF 105KB)
February 24,2004 Yamanouchi and Fujisawa Enter into a Basic Agreement to Merge on April 1, 2005(PDF 42KB)
February 24,2004 Presentation Materials of the Joint Conference Held on February 24, 2004 Regarding a Basic Agreement to Merge with Yamanouchi on April 1, 2005(PDF 98KB)
February 20,2004 Fujisawa Licenses Rights to Tacrolimus-eluting Stents to Kaneka(PDF 12KB)
January 27,2004 Fujisawa Healthcare,Inc.and Roche Partner to Expand Availability of Protopic(PDF 59KB)
January 26,2004 Fujisawa Completes Construction of a New Human Resources Development Facilitv(PDF 70KB)
January 13,2004 Fujisawa Announces Its Donation of Medicine to Iran(PDF 70KB)


December 25,2003 Fujisawa to Launch "PrecolA Capules for Rhinitis", an OTC Drug(PDF 88KB)
December 12,2003 Launch of Ketolide Class Oral Antbiotic "Ketek300mg Tablet" (PDF 88KB)
December 10,2003 Launch "Protopic Ointment0.03% for Pediatric" for Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis(PDF 84KB)
December 09,2003 Fujisawa to Launch "AG Eyes Cool",an OTC Eye Drops(PDF 84KB)
November 18,2003 Fujisawa Issues a Statement to Today's Nikkei News(PDF 12KB)
October 27,2003 Fujisawa to Lanuch Trichomycin K tablet an OTC Antibiotic Product(PDF 89KB)
October 16,2003 Fujisawa and Yamanouchi Enter into a Basic Agreement to Integrate OTC Businesses and Establish a New Joint Venture(PDF 305KB)
October 16,2003 Fuso Chemical will Acquire Chemicals Business of Fujisawa(PDF 63KB)
October 01,2003 Fujisawa Establishes two New Subsidiaries, "Fujisawa Toyama Co.,Ltd." and "Fujisawa Shizuoka Co.,Ltd."(PDF 73KB)
September 24,2003 Fujisawa Updates the Development Status of Micafungin in the U.S.(PDF 81KB)
August 19,2003 Astex and Fujisawa annouce structure-based drug discovery agreement(PDF 104KB)
July 31,2003 Fujisawa Announces Consolidated Sales Results for First Quarter of FY 03/2004(PDF 165KB)
July 24,2003 Fujisawa Will Construct New Formulation Facilities for Micafungin(PDF 75KB)
June 09,2003 Fujisawa will Transfer Activated Carbon Business to Ataka(PDF 70KB)
June 05,2003 Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc Has.And Glaxosmithkine Consumer Healthcare Agree To Co-Promote Protopic For Eczema(PDF 68KB)
June 02,2003 Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc Has Acquired Rights to An Acute Heart Failure Agent form Daiichi Suntory Pharma(PDF 74KB)
May 29,2003 Fujisawa Set Up the "DI Center"(PDF 65KB)
May 08,2003 Fujisawa launches the streptogramin antibiotic, Synercid Injection(PDF 65KB)
April 25,2003 Revision for the Year-end Dividends and Option for Stock Buyback(PDF 70KB)
April 25,2003 Fujisawa Changes Development Priority of Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease(PDF 54KB)
April 02,2003 Valuation Loss on Securities Investment for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31,2003(PDF 190KB)
March 26,2003 Fuisawa to Set Up a New Subaidiary "Fujisawa Clinical Supply Co.,Ltd,"(PDF 212KB)
March 25,2003 Fujisawa Moves to A New Global Management System(PDF 574KB)
March 13,2003 Fujisawa Changes the Number of Shares in One Trading Unit(PDF 212KB)
March 11,2003 Launch of Electrophresis Product Series "SureBlot"(PDF 221KB)
March 10,2003 Fujisawa to Restructure its Pension Plan(PDF 227KB)
February 27,2003 Fujisawa Releases a New R&D Pipeline List(PDF 217KB)
February 25,2003 Fujisawa Submits Application for Marketing Authorization of Micafungin, A Candin Anitfungal Agent, in Europe(PDF 191KB)
February 24,2003 TaiGen and Fujisawa Sign Licensing and Collaborative Agreement on a GPCR Drug Target, its Proprietary High-Throughput Assay System and Lead Compounds Development for Immune and Inflammatory Diseases(PDF 19KB)
February 14,2003 The Results of Voluntary Retirement Program(PDF 9KB)
February 13,2003 Marketing Alliance for Ketolide Class Oral Antibiotic Telithromycin(PDF 12KB)
February 03,2003 Fujisawa Changes Its Expectation for Approval Timing of Micafungin , A Candin Antifungal Agent, in US(PDF 12KB)
January 29,2003 Toray and Fujisawa Agree to Co-development and Exclusive License of Its New Antipruritus Drug in Europe(PDF 16KB)
January 20,2003 Fujisawa to Revise Emplovees' Invention Compensation Policv(PDF 169KB)
January 15,2003 Sankyo and Fujisawa Agree to Business Arrangements with regard to Sankyo's Antifungal CS-758 and A Compound of Fujisawa in the US and Europe(PDF 9KB)
January 09,2003 Fujisawa Will Launch"Bestsanso-2X" A New Oxygen Concentrator for Home Oxygen Therapy(PDF 193KB)


December 06,2002 Fujisawa launches the candin antifungal agent, Funguard for Infusion(PDF 88KB)
October 30,2002 Fujisawa Announces Interim Financial Results for FY 03/2003 and Revises Its Full Year Forecasts(PDF 122KB)
October 17,2002 Fujisawa Revises Financial Forecasts for FY 03/2003(PDF 12KB)
October 15,2002 Fujisawa to Launch a New OTC Product : Fujipap(R) Aerosol Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic(PDF 80KB)
September 26,2002 Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals and Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Enter Collaborative Research for Oral Carbapenem Antibiotics(PDF 9KB)
September 20,2002 Fujisawa Enters Collaborative Research with Pharmagenesis(PDF 79KB)
September 19,2002 Fujisawa Licenses Rights to Tacrolimus-eluting Stents to Sorin Biomedica (PDF 76KB)
September 09,2002 Fujisawa to Allocate Research Grants to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of its Medical Supply Business Inauguraton
September 03,2002 Fujisawa Implements Measures Reinforcing the Japanese Business and Revises Its Financial Forecast for the Fiscal Year Ending March 2003
August 08,2002 Fujisawa Invests US $ 8 Million in Sucampo Pharmaceuticals
August 01,2002 Fujisawa Launches New Precol Brand Products
July 25,2002 Fujisawa Concludes Collaborative Research Agreement with MerLion Pharma
July 10,2002
Fujisawa Licenses Marketing Rights to Cefzon in China to Xian-Janssen
July 01,2002 The Fujisawa Foundation Allocates Research Grants
May 21,2002 Fujisawa will Launch New CalciChew Brand Products
April 25,2002 Revision for the Year-end Dividends and Option for Stock Buyback
April 19,2002 Aventis Pharma and Fujisawa to Cooperate in the Marketing of Synercid Injection
April 11,2002 Fujisawa Launches Protopic in Germany, The First in The European Union
March 25,2002 Fujisawa to Set Up Four Subsidiaries
March 11,2002 Fujisawa will Launch New Eurax Brand Products
March 06,2002 Protopic is Approved for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis In The European Union
March 04,2002 Fujisawa Releases a New R&D Pipeline List and the Schedule for Financial Results Announcement
February 20,2002 Fujisawa Licenses Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Rights to Ophthalmic Use of Tacrolimus in the US & Europe
February 04,2002 Transfer of Marketing Right of Keiten, Cephem Antibiotic, from Chugai to Fujisawa
January 30,2002 Fujisawa Pharmaceutical and Japan Tobacco Sign Agreement in Development and Marketing of JTE-522
January 22,2002 Import Approval of "PathVysion HER-2 DNA Probe Kit"
January 09,2002 Fujisawa Deutschland GmbH Starts the Operations


December 19,2001 Fujisawa Licenses Rights to Tacrolimus-coated Stents to JOMED
November 14,2001 Fujisawa will Tie-up with Aventis Pharma for the Sales of Targocid Injection, A Glycopeptide Antibiotic in Japan
October 05,2001 Fujisawa Launches Protopic in Canada
October 03,2001 The European Commission Adopted a Decision Against the Sodium Gluconate Manufacturers, including Fujisawa
October 01,2001 Fujisawa to Implement "Environmental Accounting" and "Green Purchasing Policy"
October 01,2001 Fujisawa Revises Financial Forecasts for FY 2002
September 26,2001 Fujisawa Starts its Summer Internship Program
September 21,2001 Fujisawa to Support the Emergency Relief Efforts in U.S.
September 12,2001 Fujisawa's German Subsidiary Obtains A German Marketing Right to A Lipid- lowering Agent from Novartis
September 10,2001 Fujisawa Introduces Job Challenge Policy
September 06,2001 Fujisawa Will Launch New Fujisawa Urea Cream 20%
July 11,2001 The Fujisawa Foundation Allocates Research Grants
July 10,2001 Fujisawa Exercises An Option to Acquire Rights to Malononitrilamides from Aventis Pharma
June 29,2001 Fujisawa to Apply for Partial Change of Indication on "Nivadil 2mg Tablet" based on Results of Post Marketing Clinical Trial in Sequelae of Cerebral Infarction
June 19,2001 Fujisawa Completes Construction of Formulation & Packaging Facilities for Micafungin, an Injectable Antifungal Agent
June 04,2001 Fujisawa Completes Construction of New Manufacturing Facilities For The Bulk Chemicals of Tacrolimus
May 21,2001 Fujisawa Will Launch Rectos 25 and Rectos 50
May 18,2001 Fujisawa Acquires An Agent to Osteoporosis from Servier
May 14,2001 Restructuring of Fujisawa's Distribution Centers
May 11,2001 Fujisawa Will Launch Skin Conditioner Privie7 and Privie10
May 10,2001 Fujisawa Transfer Its Animal Health Business To Schering-Plough
May 09,2001 Fujisawa Extends Research Collaboration with the University of Edinburgh
April 16,2001 Fujisawa and ORIX Capital Establish a New Investment Fund to Research Ventures
March 27,2001 R-Tech Ueno and Fujisawa Concludes A Marketing Agreement on Rescula Eye Drops
March 26,2001 Fujisawa Completes Construction of New Manufacturing Facilities for Synthesis of Micafungin, an Injectable Antifungal Agent
March 08,2001 Fujisawa Agrees to Transfer to DiverseyLever Its Industrial Cleaning and Hygiene Business Unit
March 05,2001 Fujisawa Will Add 500 ml Bottle to its FRESH EYEAG Eyewash Line
February 27,2001 Fujisawa Enhances Its Evayouth Brand OTC Product Line with a Series of New Launches
February 23,2001 New Formulation Facilities for Protopic Ointment Was Completed
February 21,2001 Fujisawa Enters Into Collaboration with Fuji RC in the Home Care Business
February 20,2001 Protopic is now Available in The US
February 05,2001 Fujisawa Launches Antipsychotic Agent Seroquel
January 25,2001 Fujisawa will Launch New Livahealth Gold
January 12,2001 Fujisawa Announces the Plan to Reorganize Its European Operations
January 11,2001 Fujisawa Forms A Joint Venture for Concrete Admixture Business with Nippon Paper
January 10,2001 Fujisawa Obtained Certification of ISO 14001 For Its Fuji Plant


December 11,2000 Fujisawa will Launch New Hypnotic Myslee
December 11,2000 The US FDA Approves Protopic
December 08,2000 Restructuring of Fujisawa Fisons and Intal Business
November 16,2000 Fujisawa will Launch a New Cold Medicine "Children's Precol Hot"
November 16,2000 PROTOPIC - First Steroid-Free Treatment for Eczema in Over 40 Years Recommended for FDA Approval
November 15,2000 Fujisawa Obtained Certification of ISO 14001 For Its Takaoka Plant
November 09,2000 Fujisawa License An Investigational Compound for Erectile Dysfunction to TAP Pharmaceutical Products
November 08,2000 Zenarestat for Diabetic Neuropathy is Continuously Developed in Japan
October 31,2000 Fujisawa Publishes "GLOBE", First Annual Environmental Report
October 26,2000 Fujisawa Will Launch A New "" for Infusion
October 19,2000 Fujisawa will Launch A New Product "Fujipap ID 1.0% Liquid" Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic
October 16,2000 Pfizer Suspended Development of Zenarestat for Diabetic Neuropathy
October 16,2000 Negotiation is Ongoing between Fujisawa and TAP Pharmaceutical Products
October 16,2000 Hokuriku and Fujisawa Will Launch Polycarbophil Calcium for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Japan
September 29,2000 Fujisawa Discontinues Development of FK888, A Neurokinin Antagonist
September 25,2000 Fujisawa will Merge its Three Domestic Subsidiaries
September 04,2000 Fujisawa will Launch New Eurax Brand Milk Lotion and Cream
July 27,2000 Fujisawa will Launch New Products of Precol Brand Cold Medicine
July 25,2000 Rescheduling of the Food and Drug Administration's Advisory Committee for Protopic Ointment
July 17,2000 The Fujisawa Foundation Allocates Research Grants
June 08,2000 Launch of "DOVONEX Ointment" for the Indication of Psoriasis Vulgaris
May 18,2000 Fujisawa Revises Its Year-end Dividends
April 24,2000 Fujisawa Announces Reform of its Board of Directors together with Introduction of Corporate Officer System
April 20,2000 Fujisawa Constructs New Manufacturing Facilities For The Bulk Chemicals of Tacrolimus
April 12,2000 Fujisawa Announces One-time Amortization of The Unfunded Amounts of Retirement Benefit Obligation
April 05,2000 Fujisawa Obtains Certification of ISO 14001 For Its Toyama Plant
March 22,2000 Establishment of Fujisawa Business Service Co., Ltd.
March 14,2000 Fujisawa Introduces A New Employee Retirement Allowance Policy
March 07,2000 Fujisawa Invests in Manufacturing Facilities for FK 463, an Injectable Antifungal Agent
March 06,2000 Fujiwawa Will Launch "Cereb Syrup", Anti-epilepsy in Japan
February 28,2000 Fujisawa will Launch New Product of Fujipap Series Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic
February 22,2000 Construction of New Formulation Facilities of Protopic Ointment
February 17,2000 Fujisawa Concludes Development & License Agreement With Protein Design Labs
January 31,2000 Fujisawa Enters Into Collaborative Research with Arena Pharmaceuticals


December 07,1999 Fujisawa Announces Change of The U.S. Marketer for Its Cephalosporin Antibiotic, Cefzon
December 07,1999 Fujisawa Will Launch New Eyewash FRESH EYE AG
November 22,1999 Launch of "PROTOPIC ointment 0.1?" for the Indication of Atopic Dermatitis
November 16,1999 Fujisawa Completes Construction of New Manufacturing Facilities for "Prograf"
November 12,1999 Fujisawa Will Add a New Family to its AG Nose Nasal Spray Line
October 29,1999 Fujisawa Settled Litigation with Dr. J. Kapoor
October 26,1999 Fujisawa Revises Consolidated Financial Forecasts for FY 2000
October 05,1999 Fujisawa Will Launch a New Type of Precol Brand Cold Medicine
September 30,1999 High Court Decision about Patent Infringement Lawsuit of Ethical Drug "Rescula Eye Drops"(Joint release with Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry,Ltd.)
September 08,1999 Fujisawa Establishes An Investment Fund To Research Ventures
September 01,1999 Fujisawa Sold Its Leasing Business to Orix
August 09,1999 Protopic Needs Some More Time For Launch In Japan
August 05,1999 Fujisawa Will Launch A New Precol Brand OTC Drug
August 02,1999 The Fujisawa Foundation Allocates Research Grants
July 28,1999 Fujisawa will Launch Macnin P.A New OTC Anthelmintic
July 12,1999 Fujisawa Signs Option and License Agreement for Novel Immunosuppressant Compounds with Hoechst Marion Roussel
July 08,1999 Launch of "Prograf",Immunosuppressant in China
July 07,1999 Fujisawa Concludes Research Agreement With Protein Design Labs
July 01,1999 Fujisawa Will Market Transduction Laboratories' Cell Biology Reagents Line
May 24,1999 Meiji and Fujisawa Launch Fluvoxamine Maleate The First SSRI in Japan
April 13,1999 Fujisawa Announces "VISION 2005"
April 09,1999 Fujisawa Enters Into Collaborative Research With Quark Biotech
April 08,1999 Fujisawa Concludes Research & Option Agreement With NeXstar Pharmaceuticals
April 07,1999 Fujisawa Will Launch CleanDental L and Citeeth L Tooth Paste
March 18,1999 Fujisawa Announces Changes of President & CEO
March 18,1999 Fujisawa Revises Its Financial Forecasts For Current Fiscal Year
March 18,1999 Fujisawa Revises Its Dividend Forecasts For Current Fiscal Year
March 11,1999 Fujisawa Obtained Certification of ISO 14001 For Its Nagoya Plant
February 23,1999 Fujisawa will add a new product to its OTC vitamins
February 01,1999 Fujisawa Launches New Consumer Products
January 07,1999 Fujisawa Acquires Antipsychotic Agent from Zeneca