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Astellas Nominates Directors

April 27, 2009

Japan, April 27, 2009 - Astellas Pharma Inc. ("the Company"; headquarters: Tokyo; President and CEO: Masafumi Nogimori) today announced that it has decided to nominate two candidates of outside directors at the Board of Directors held on April 24, 2009. The election of these candidates is subject to the approval of the annual general meeting of shareholders of the Company, to be held on June 23, 2009. The names of candidates are listed below.

[List of Candidates of Director]
    Outside Director                Shiro Yasutake
    Outside Director                Yasuyuki Takai
[Directors to be retired]
    Outside Director                Makoto Matsuo
     Outside Director                Takashi Yamane
[The Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors after June 23, 2009 (planned) ]
Member of the Board
    Toichi Takenaka (Representative Director and Chairman)
    Masafumi Nogimori (Representative Director, President and CEO)
    Yasuo Ishii (Representative Director, Executive Vice President and
    Takako Ebata (Outside Director)
    Takao Saruta (Outside Director)
    Shiro Yasutake (Outside Director)
    Yasuyuki Takai (Outside Director)
Corporate Auditors
    Osamu Nagai (Corporate Auditor)
    Shigeo Aoyagi (Corporate Auditor)
    Hideo Yamada (Outside Corporate Auditor)
    Kiyomi Saito (Outside Corporate Auditor)

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