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Support for Japan Organ Transplant Network

Astellas is willing to contribute to the diffusion of medical transplantation, and wishes that as many patients as possible have their lives saved and can be returned to their everyday lives through organ transplants.

Compared to Europe or the U.S., very few organ transplants are performed in Japan, but patients waiting for an organ transplant are increasing every year. The number of transplants in Japan remains negligible because of public indifference about organ transplants and a low percentage of people with donor cards.

The "Green ribbon" campaign was organized in the spring of 2004 to raise awareness about organ transplants and encourage people to think about transplants. The campaign was led by the Japan Organ Transplant Network, to which Astellas gives its full support.

link:JOT NW Japan Organ Transplant Network

This is the only organization in Japan to work as a bridge between those who consent to offer organs (donors) and those who are in need of organ transplants (recipients), by respecting the will of donors and their families and ensuring that the organs are given to recipients through the best possible method.

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