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Corporate Governance

Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

The Astellas business philosophy is expressed through our Raison d'être, Mission and Beliefs. Our Raison d'etre is to contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceuticals. Our Mission is to achieve the sustainable enhancement of enterprise value. Our beliefs refer specifically to four commitments - high sense of ethics, customer focus, creativity, and competitive focus.

With the aim of realizing these commitments, we are concentrating on creating a corporate governance structure that ensures the transparency of management and further enhances our accountability to the public.

Overview of Our Corporate Governance

Astellas employs a corporate officers system to achieve a clear separation between the proformance by the directors and the corporate officers. Strategic decision-making and the operational supervision of management is performed by the Company's directors, while the execution of day-to-day operational decisions is carried out by the corporate officers.

The Board of Directors now consists of six members, of whom four are outside directors who bring a broad perspective. The Audit & Supervisory Board, consisting of five statutory auditors, of whom three are outside auditors, is charged with auditing the performance by the directors.

The Company set up the Nomination Committee and the Compensation Committee as advisory councils to the Board of Directors to further improve transparency and objectivity in the process of the deliberation on the nomination and removal of members of the Board, Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Corporate Officers, and compensation-related issues with regard to the Board members and Corporate Officers.

The following is an overview of the corporate governance system.

Corporate Governance
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