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Policy on Social Media


The prevalence of social media, which includes internal and external social networks, blogs and other information sharing services or websites, may influence how we interact, communicate, and do business. As Astellas personnel may use social media to interact with others, personally and professionally, we aim to ensure the responsible use of personal and corporate social media.


his policy provides guiding principles for Astellas personnel regarding the responsible personal use of social media, as well as principles for engaging in social media on behalf of Astellas, when authorized to do so.

1. General Principles

Astellas personnel will remain mindful of our roles and responsibilities to Astellas both at work and away from work. Confidential information of Astellas or third parties will not be posted on the internet or social media sites, or otherwise disclosed to the public without prior authorization by the Company. Astellas personnel will not speak on behalf of Astellas without authorization by the Company. The property of others like the written works, symbols, logos, trademarks or pictures will not be used without permission.

2. Principles for Responsible Personal Online Activities

When engaging in personal online activities, Astellas personnel will always make it clear that we are speaking on our own behalf. We are personally responsible for what we communicate in social media venues.

3. Principles for Speaking on Behalf of Astellas

Astellas personnel will not engage in social networks on the Company’s behalf unless specifically authorized to do so. Brand or disease state/therapy area content will only be used when it aligns with local codes and regulations and has been specifically approved for social media by the Company.

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