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Policy on Crisis Management


Astellas established a global policy of Crisis Management to set forth a global framework that enables a flexible, timely and effective response to a crisis event. The policy reflects Astellas’ practice of proactively identifying, evaluating and responding to significant events with appropriate prioritization and a globally consistent approach.


Astellas defines a crisis event as a specific situation that is unexpected, significant and could cause a severe negative impact to external and/or internal factors of Astellas if not addressed immediately or if mishandled. A crisis event can also be a situation that has not yet fully materialized but has the potential to cause significant negative consequences if mishandled and/or not timely addressed.

Examples of crisis events include, but are not limited to, situations related to patient safety, social responsibility, business operations, compliance matters, and employee safety.

Under the policy, roles and responsibilities have been identified at a global and regional level and communication channels have been established for event reporting purposes. The policy also establishes a process for responding to crisis events.

The application of the policy in real-world business situations ensures that potential negative impacts to Astellas’ business activities and society, as a whole, caused by a crisis event will be appropriately and timely addressed.

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