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Policy on Social Contribution


Astellas’ raison d'être is to contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products. Our company Charter of Corporate Conduct further states that as good corporate citizens, we shall actively engage in charitable and other activities that benefit society. Astellas believes that we need to enhance our sustainability through earning trust from society for both Astellas and our products.


This policy identifies the strategic approach that Astellas applies and the priority areas for Astellas’ social contribution activities worldwide. It is not intended to cover our commercial programs.

1. Approach for social contributions

Astellas aims to conduct all of our activities strategically to ensure they create sustainable, long-term benefit for our patients and communities around the world. Astellas will utilize our resources (e.g., people, skills, expertise) to implement our social contributions effectively. Astellas will partner with industry associations, charitable organizations and other stakeholders to contribute to addressing healthcare-related challenges that cannot be solved by a single entity. Astellas evaluates and measures the impact of our social contribution activities based on well-accepted, identifiable metrics and will modify and adjust future goals where appropriate. Astellas will report on our activities in an appropriate manner to our stakeholders.

2. Priority areas for social contributions

Based on the relevance to Astellas’ core business and societal expectation of Astellas, we will focus our resources for social contribution in three areas listed below in order of priority.

  • 1st priority: Addressing Access to Health issues*
  • 2nd priority: Advancement of Medical Sciences
  • 3rd priority: Philanthropy/Community Development

In determining our social contributions in these focus areas, Astellas will put more emphasis on the activities which:

  • are healthcare-related
  • are in areas where unmet medical needs exist
  • utilize Astellas’ strengths, technologies and expertise
  • the public, government or other major Non-Governmental Organizations do not generally support
  • have a meaningful and long-lasting beneficial impact on society

* Access to Health issues: In the global healthcare environment, there still remain barriers for many people who have difficulty accessing the healthcare they need due to the lack of available treatments, poverty, healthcare system challenges and insufficient healthcare information. Astellas refers to these problems as Access to Health issues.

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