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Optimization Research &Development Research

Optimization Research & Development Research

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Refining drug compounds

To create the most effective drug
After finding a promising compound, it is evaluated from every conceivable perspective, including efficacy, toxicity, absorption, distribution and excretion. In this way, we optimize the compounds for use as drugs. In this process, we utilize structure-based drug design, which involves the three-dimensional mapping of the target protein's molecular structure. Through reevaluation of the results of experiments, and numerous repetitions of the synthesis and evaluation processes, the potential of the drug candidate gradually becomes clearer.
Astellas takes great care to evaluate and estimate the metabolic effects of compounds, and to assess their safety at an early stage in the drug development process.
In the development research process, final-stage confirmation is made of the pharmacologic behavior, metabolic effects, and safety of the candidate compounds prior to clinical testing on human subjects.


1. SBDD:structure-based drug design

2. FBDD:fragment-based drug design

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