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Medical Representatives

Medical Representatives

TEAMS that Change Tomorrow

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Linking the medical treatment front line with the front line of new drug creation

Working as a trusted provider of pharmaceutical information
Medical representatives (MRs) play the double role of providing information on drugs to doctors and other personnel on the front line of medical treatment, and obtaining feedback from those front-line personnel, thus enabling the further refinement of their company's drugs. An MR must not only be thoroughly versed in the details of his or her own company's pharmaceutical products, but must also possess specialist-level knowledge of other companies' drugs in the same category and be thoroughly familiar with the latest information on the target diseases. Only if an MR possesses this kind of knowledge can he or she advise doctors about the correct methods of application of drugs, and impart information regarding side-effects. MRs are also responsible for gathering feedback from medical staff in the form of evaluations of the effectiveness and safety of the company's drugs, which they pass on to the relevant research units. As such, the role of MRs in the entire drug development and provision process is extremely important. The data brought back by MRs from the medical front line helps facilitate the development of even safer and more effective drugs, as well as improvements in the methods of drug administration.

Our medical representatives aim to help meet patients' needs through close collaboration with doctors and other medical workers.
Through the course of many visits to hospitals and clinics, our medical representatives forge close ties between Astellas and the doctors and other staff who work there. As well as deploying a large number of MRs, we also operate a Medical Information Center to field questions about our products and provide users with additional information.

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