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Creating new drugs and supplying them to the patients who need them takes many years and involves many different stages and processes. The first stage is that of research, in which the most promising candidate for the discovery of a new drug must be found from among a huge number of compounds. Next comes the development stage, centering on the conduct of clinical trials, followed by mass-production. Finally, the drugs are made available to the front line of medical treatment, together with the necessary information on their appropriate use. From that point on the pharmaceutical maker also acquires a steady stream of feedback from medical workers, which enables the further refinement of the drugs. This is the responsibility of Medical Representatives (MRs).
At Astellas Pharma, each stage in this long chain of processes is handled by teams of specialists who possess high-level expertise. Thanks to close collaboration between these teams, the entire drug creation-and-delivery process is rendered safe and efficient.

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