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Astellas Pharma Guideline for web accessibility

Astellas Pharma is planning/creating Websites by considering accessibility, in order to ensure ease of use by as many site visitors as possible.

What is accessibility?

Accessibility means that anyone browsing the Website can access the information on the site and use the contents and other functions without problems. In particular, the word is used in terms of whether the Website is user-friendly for the elderly and physically disabled, who encounter obstacles when browsing Websites.

Astellas Pharma's idea on accessibility

Astellas Pharma, providing ethical pharmaceuticals, believes that it is its social responsibility to construct a Website easily used by patients including elderly and physically disabled people and their families, and which has information worth browsing on it.
Our company upholds the business philosophy (raison d'etre) to "contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products." We also understand that in terms of putting this business philosophy in practice, it is important to ensure accessibility for visitors to the site who need information on diseases as well as various information about Astellas Pharma.

Considering accessibility

Based on the ideas mentioned above, Astellas Pharma prepared an original web accessibility guideline based on the official guideline (*1). All staff in charge of web creation will plan and create content, as well as implement operation and verification for accessibility quality control, based on this guideline. (*2)
Although the Website operating currently includes some contents created before the preparation of the guideline, we will try to improve and update these contents one by one. We continuously aim to provide a more user-friendly site in the future.

(Note 1) Official guideline

(Note 2) Environment for operations
WEB browser
Voice browser VoiceOver (by Apple)
Color accessibility Color Contrast Analyzer

Target of accessibility consideration/policy of consideration/means of checking

Astellas Pharma sets out basic requirements regarding the operation of the Website, by understanding various utilization characteristics of users.
We are making efforts to offer a Website that can be used equally by a wide variety of people, by providing services such as "use of sound, voice and Braille" and "consideration of colors" for the visually impaired, "avoidance of information transmission only via sound" for the hearing impaired, and "design that does not rely on operation via mouse" for the orthopedically-impaired. The company also pays attention to the amount of light and frequency of flashing so that the Website can be used safely without causing damage to viewers' health.

Target for consideration Points of consideration Measures on the Website How to check
Visually impaired Those who are totally blind Use of sound, voice and Braille Corresponded by clearly separating the markup parts necessary for voice browsers, by using a secure structure (correspondence to XHTML). Apple: "VoiceOver"
Visual checking
Those with serious amblyopia, amblyopia and constriction of visual fields Usage of sound and voice Corresponded by clearly separating the markup parts necessary for voice browsers, by using a secure structure (correspondence to XHTML). Apple: "VoiceOver"
Visual checking
Those with imperfect color vision or abnormality of color vision Consideration in coloration All content should conform to coloring measures. Color Contrast Analyzer
Visual checking
Hearing impaired Avoidance of providing the meaning of information only by sound Response with alternative texts/contents or superimposing is required Administration table for alternative text
Visual checking
Orthopedically-impaired Do not rely on operation using a mouse All operations (for obtaining information) are available via keyboard. Visual checking
Causing no physical damage Pay attention to light and frequency Action is reduced so that the site will cause no physical damage. Visual checking
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