Astellas is committed to conducting its business throughout the world in accordance with applicable laws and high ethical standards. That commitment extends to how we obtain and use personal information that is essential for our business.

Healthcare professionals, patients, suppliers and employees share their personal information with Astellas, and entrust us to keep that information safe, use it appropriately and handle it with care. To ensure we always handle personal information in a compliant and appropriate way, Astellas has incorporated key privacy principles into its policies and practices.

Specifically, personal information must be
(1) processed lawfully, fairly, and transparently;
(2) collected for specific, legitimate, and explicit purposes;
(3) adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary;
(4) accurate, and where possible, kept up to date;
(5) retained only for as long as necessary; and
(6) kept secure and protected against loss or inappropriate access or disclosure.

We have a robust Privacy Program in place which incorporates key systems & controls to ensure we meet our regulatory privacy obligations globally.