Grants to HCOs to Support HCP Congress Attendance

Astellas does not provide direct funding to individual HCPs to attend local, regional or international congresses or medical education meetings.

Astellas is willing to support Grants to HCOs for virtual attendance only at international congresses and virtual or in-person attendance at domestic (in-country) congresses (directed to HCPs in that country only).

HCOs may apply for funding grants to support HCP attendance at pre-identified, eligible congresses. HCOs must submit a grant funding application form and be able to independently manage the entire process without any hands-on support from Astellas.

A maximum of 10 HCPs can be funded through the grant request, and Astellas must have no involvement in the selection of the HCPs to receive support to attend congress.

The HCO must be one of the following:

  • Public-funded hospital;
  • Medical society or association;
  • Other (university, research group, etc.).

An HCO is only eligible to receive grants for HCP congress attendance two times per fiscal year (April to March) per therapeutic area Astellas supports.

A list of pre-approved congresses and whether live or virtual attendance will be supported for that event can be viewed here.



HCOs wishing to apply for grant funding to support HCP congress attendance may provide an inquiry to [email protected]. A grant application form will be provided for your completion and return. After an initial review of your submission to ensure HCO and event eligibility, your request will be forwarded to an internal Astellas Grants Committee for consideration.

We anticipate that decisions on eligible requests may take up to six weeks. If you wish to check on the status of your request, please contact HCO-Grants-Belgiu[email protected].


September 2021