Grants to HCOs to Support HCP Congress Attendance

HCOs may apply for funding grants to support HCP registration at pre-identified, eligible congresses. HCOs must submit a grant funding application form and be able to independently manage the entire process without any hands-on support from Astellas.

Each grant must be for a single congress and may support the registration of up to a maximum of 10 individual HCPs. There is no minimum number of HCPs per grants request. Astellas must not be involved in the selection of the HCPs to receive support to register for a congress and will avoid visibility of HCPs that were selected by the HCO unless essential for transparency reporting purposes.

The HCO must be one of the following:

  • Government or publicly funded hospital
  • Medical society or association
  • Other (university, research group, etc.)

In general, Astellas supports HCOs that are nationally recognized with their own professional administration and formal governance structure in place, serving more than 100 active members and conducting meetings for their members each year.  For example, Royal Colleges, Therapy Area Specific Societies, Institutions, Associations, Faculties and Fellowships with a formal governance structure in place.

Astellas does not support Health Centre, General Practice/ Private Clinics, Non-nationally recognized and/or HCP Owned/Run Associations and Professional Groups.

The primary intent is to support payment of registration fees and Astellas will support Grants to HCOs for:

  • Virtual or in-person registration only at pre-identified international/regional congresses (aimed at HCPs in more than one country).
    In-person attendance (travel and/or accommodation) at international meetings cannot be supported.
  • Virtual or in-person registration and attendance (reasonable travel and/or accommodation) at domestic (in-country) congresses (aimed at HCPs in that market or country only).  
    Any in-person congress attendance for domestic congresses is limited to support of reasonable transport and accommodation in line with POL-AST-8415 Global Policy on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals & Healthcare Organizations.

An HCO is only eligible to receive grants for HCP congress registration two times per fiscal year (April to March) per therapeutic area Astellas supports.

A list of pre-approved congresses and whether live or virtual registration will be supported for that event can be viewed here.



Thank you for your interest in Astellas Grants to HCOs to Support HCP Congress Attendance. We are making adjustments to our procedures and are not taking any new requests at this time. Please check back on our site after 1 October 2023 for the new procedures and forms.


August 2023