Our Aspiration

Since Astellas was established in 2005, based on our business philosophy to “Contribute towards improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products,” we have strived to continue to create innovation and deliver innovative medical solutions that meet the needs of patients. Looking forward, we are committed to achieving our vision of turning innovative science into value for patients.  

The pace of advances in innovative science is becoming ever faster and those in cell and gene therapy technologies are making it possible to treat diseases that until a few years ago had been thought untreatable. Incorporating technological advancement in big data analysis and other engineering technologies will enable the delivery of new medical solutions that did not previously exist to patients and provide them more efficiently than ever before. 

For Astellas to continuously create innovation, it is necessary for us to be highly sensitive to environmental changes like those mentioned above, further enhance the world-class capabilities that we currently have, accept diverse values and bring together sources of innovation from within and outside the company. We believe that by faithfully continuing such endeavors, Astellas can continually create innovative medical solutions for unmet medical needs that still exist in large numbers, and bring relief and hope to patients and their families. 

A sound corporate culture provides the foundation for us to conduct our business and to fulfill our responsibility to society. For this, the Astellas group has a common set of values to be consistent in our thoughts and actions – the Astellas Way – which is concentrated into five messages of “Patient Focus”, “Ownership”, “Results”, “Openness” and “Integrity”. Having Astellas employees around the world practice the Astellas Way and demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest will create an organization and corporate culture that continually produces new value.

In the future, too, Astellas aims to stand on the forefront of healthcare change, turning innovative science into value for patients and will continually strive to fulfill the expectations of our stakeholders and society.

Kenji Yasukawa
President and CEO