In fiscal 2018, Astellas continued to have helplines available globally so employees can report and receive advice on how to react in the event they discover actual or suspected misconduct. Reports may be made by employees or third parties and may be made anonymously where permitted by local law.

In some countries including Japan, Astellas continues to have internal helplines in addition to the global external helpline.


Astellas continues to foster an environment that encourages employees to use the helplines and speak up to report potential or actual violations of the Astellas Group Code of Conduct, as well as any other illegal or unethical behavior or business practices. In addition, Astellas strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone who raises a concern or reports a suspected compliance violation in good faith even if the concern or report is not substantiated after investigation. Astellas regularly reinforces the importance of speaking up and the responsibility that employees have in reporting concerns through Astellas’ global SpeakUp campaign which includes posters, communications, presentations, etc. supported by a visual theme.

Having the ability to centrally manage the reports of suspected non-compliance and the corresponding investigations also enhances Astellas’ ability to analyze compliance trends globally. In fiscal 2018, Astellas’ helplines continued to receive reports in each region. Matters raised included potential harassment and promotional code violations. In response, thorough investigations were conducted and appropriate action was taken. Compliance helpline statistics are analyzed and reported to the Regional and Global Compliance Committees on a regular basis.