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3. Link with Society

  • Changing Tomorrow Day
  • Activities to support local community
  • Emergency Relief Activities

Changing Tomorrow Day (Astellas Group-wide Volunteer Activities by Employees)

Astellas Group employees around the world conduct a diverse range of volunteer activities to contribute to their ocal communities based on their support to promote healthcare and maintain the environment. In fiscal 2013, more than 8,000 employees participated in 33 countries worldwide.

Employee participation in Changing Tomorrow Day(As of March, 2014 period)
Region Participants Volunteering hours Number of locations Number of countries
Japan 4,308 4,500 152 1
Americas 2,400 9,600 33 3
Europe 713 4,296 34 21
Asia &
744 3,724 9 8
Total 8,165 22,120 228 33
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For three months from June to August, 2011, volunteer activities took place at over 150 locations including earthquake affected areas in Japan. About 4500 employees in total participated in events organized by the Astellas headquarters, research centers, plants, and sales offices all over Japan.

Astellas headquarter employees cleaned and plant flowers grown by the employees of Green Supply Support Office in Tsukuba at the Horidome Park located nearby office in Tokyo; ATEC Fuji Plant 60 employees held soccer game for about 300 boys and girls from 48 soccer teams at the local community.

Asahikawa Sales Office I and II employees organized healthy exercise events for elderly citizens in Sapporo in an aim to encourage them to have independent life.

Voice from employee volunteer

Prior to the volunteering, we learned how to teach the healthy exercise along with the revitalizing music titled "the March of 365 steps". It was very enjoyable and meaningful for us to exercise and talk with the elderly people.

Tokyo Setagaya Sales Office II employees assisted the work of intellectually challenged people at the welfare center in Setagaya on July 27, 2011.

Voice from employee volunteer

"So impressed with their enthusiastic attitude toward their work, we have learned and determined to make our good effort for the day-to-day work from them"

Sendai Sales Office II employees volunteered for cleaning the lost photos and prizes by the tsunami after the massive earthquake hit the northeastern Japan.

Asia & Oceania

Responding to the needs of local community, employees in Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and India) conducted various social contributions for the second year of Changing Tomorrow Day. Astellas Australia will newly join this event from the fiscal year 2012.

Astellas Philippines organized a mini-program on October 28, 2011 at Elsie Gatches Village (EGV), the only government center in the Philippines for the mentally challenged persons. The small activity brought so much joy and smile to the children and the elderly at EGV as employees play along, dance, and sing with them.

Astellas China "Devote your one day to changing their tomorrow" with this slogan, 90 employees volunteered at Beijing Hujialou Center Primary School and Shanghai Caoguangbiao Primary School on Jun 10th and Sep 16th 2011, by teaching the laws which are associated with daily life to 504 students at 15 classes.

Astellas Korea on September 2nd 2011, 182 employees volunteered at the Seoul Forest. Azaleas and other trees showed their branches as surrounding weeds removed.


Over 700 employees across U.S., Canada and Brazil, including the employees from the two newest members of the Astellas family, OSI and Perseid, participated in a variety of service projects in their local community or created cheery items at home and donated them to brighten somebody's day.

The largest Changing Tomorrow Day event in the Americas took place on Sept. 23, 2011 where over 500 Astellas employees completed numerous service projects at six separate community project sites in the city of Chicago and in Lake County.

The efforts of over 500 volunteers helped transform schools, revitalize playgrounds and beautify gardens throughout Chicagoland to help improve the lives of children and adults that rely on these centers.

Voice from the community

Laura Franz, senior vice president at Hope United (one of the service projects) was very enthusiastic: "This is so exciting. The work that was completed has made such a difference in the quality of our work life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true! And I know the murals will add to that as well. We are so appreciative of the good that came from the many hands that day."

In the other regions of the Americas, Agensys employees cooked and delivered nutritious meals to those in need; Astellas Brasil employees renovated a kitchen and dining area in a cancer center; Astellas Canada employees landscaped, packed food and served lunch to the homeless; Astellas Technologies employees volunteered in the United Way's annual Day of Caring; OSI employees cleaned, gardened, painted and more at a variety of local organizations; Perseid employees landscaped and planted gardens at a family shelter and Urogenix employees renovated a local Ronald McDonald house where families can stay near their hospitalized children.


In developed countries, one in six children still live in poverty. Under the slogan, "Give children a healthy, happy start in life", 29 volunteer activities took place at 18 offices in Europe during the period between July and November, 2011. Over 3200 volunteering hours were given, with the participation of over 460 employees, and over 99% of participating employees found the experience satisfying / rewarding.

Astellas European Headquarter and Astellas UK employees volunteered at numerous events from a healthy cooking day for young children to painting and gardening for local charities; Astellas Spain employees organized parades and read books for children at the children's hospital in Seville, Barcelona, and Madrid.

Astellas Slovenia employees spent a day in the paediatrics at the Ljublijana hospital by helping children learn how to paint and sew.

Astellas Russia 40 employees volunteered at Udelnaya Children's Orphanage for the second year by helping build a recreational area, plant trees and paint windows.

Voice from Coordinator

"This orphanage is being financed by the government, and like most of these institutions in Russia is experiencing problems. They have large areas which need to be better organised and cleaned. We planned to help plant additional trees and plants to make it more attractive for children who live there and consider it home"

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