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2. Enrich Healthcare Systems

  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Urology medical support in Ghana
  • Advancement of Medical Science
  • Information Service
  • Donation of Ambulances in Japan
  • Donation of wheelchair vans

Advancement of Medical Science

U.S. Scholarship Program

Today more than ever, innovative scientists are needed to solve global health-care challenges - HIV, malaria, diabetes, and cancer - and these future Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry and medicine are students sitting in U.S. classrooms. Innovation in science is our passion and we appreciate the hard work invested by students to achieve their academic proficiency in science. The Astellas USA Foundation ("Foundation") believes in helping students realize their full potential by recognizing and rewarding these future science leaders through financial support of their continued education.

In 2011, The Astellas USA Foundation created a scholarship program through partnerships with public charities to provide financial assistance to exemplary science students of diverse backgrounds who plan to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Up to six individual scholarships in the amounts of $25,000 or $50,000 are be awarded to students that meet the eligibility criteria in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

All scholarship winners will be invited to attend the Astellas USA Foundation Recognition Dinner where their academic achievements will be recognized by Astellas' senior leadership.

■ Undergraduate Scholarships

image of Midtown Educational Foundation The Astellas USA Foundation proudly partners with Midtown Education Foundation to offer the following scholarship awards: $25,000 for an eligible female student at Metro Achievement Center for girls, $25,000 for an eligible male student at Midtown Center for boys.

■ Graduate Program Scholarships

image of the UIC College of Pharmacy ♦ Established in 1859, the UIC College of Pharmacy stands as the oldest academic unit of the University of Illinois, one of the largest and most comprehensive research universities in the nation. The College has a national reputation for excellence and is ranked among the top ten colleges of pharmacy for scholarship, curriculum, and the quality of faculty and students.
The Astellas USA Foundation is proud to partner with the UIC College of Pharmacy toward a scholarship of $25,000 to an eligible professional student pursuing a PharmD Degree.

image of Keck Graduate Institute ♦ Keck Graduate Institute educates future leaders of the bioscience industry through distinctive Professional Science Master's and Ph.D. programs offering integrated life science/engineering/business curriculums that focus on industry projects and collaborations. Founded in 1997, Keck Graduate Institute is the only American graduate institution devoted solely to bioscience education and discovery. Learn more at:

The Astellas USA Foundation is proud to partner with Keck Graduate Institute to award two scholarships of $25,000 each to two eligible graduate students currently enrolled in Keck Graduate Institute and intend to pursue a pharmaceutical-related career, and is either female, an ethnic minority or disabled.

Long-term support

Astellas European Foundation is committed to providing long-term support to basic medical and related scientific programmes, with prizes and funding awarded to academic researchers in the fields of Urology and Transplantation.

SIU - Astellas European Foundation Award

Along with our effort to the advancement of medical science in the therapeutic areas of our GCL (Urology, Transplantation and Oncology), Astellas European Foundation has been supporting the AIU award since 1994. The award is given to a scientist of notable professional and ethical standing. Nine scientists have received the award between 1994 and 2011.

The laureate of SIU-Astellas European Foundation Award 2012 is to be announced at the 2012 SIU Congress in Fukuoka. Nomination of the laureate is made by a Selection Committee appointed by the SIU's Board of Chairmen.

For the detail, please visit SIU website.

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